***updated:  for some reason this didn’t come through on tues.  It doesn’t seem like anyone panicked, though!

The videos that will form the basis for the test questions are: One News Special, The Royal Wedding.   Callmark DVD 1157.  You can watch this again in the audiovisual suite.  You were also shown a youtube video:

The test questions will be drawn from these two videos, but watching the rest of the One News Special and the additional youtube clips is recommended for a broader knowledge base.

You can pre-prepare the observation part and bring your notes (bullet points), but will have to write the actual text during the test hour.

You can also bring your notes and coursebooks; it is an open book test.

Everyone is welcome to arrive 30 min early for the test – so the room will be open at 8:30am.

The test will consist of two questions.  You will need to choose one of these and answer in essay format.  When you make reference to an article in the reader, citing the author’s surname is sufficient; page numbers aren’t required.

See you Friday!