Here is the handout to accompany the film we watched, DNZ: Our Day to Remember.  You can find the dvd in the library if you want to view it again.


The airport is proving to be a popular choice, and for good reason. People have also proposed observing in the train station and watching smokers in the quad.

Some have been inspired by Watching the English and plan on observing queuing at various places around the city.

The adult store, DVice, and a sushi train restaurant sound like they will definitely deliver interesting reports.  There have also been some unique twists on the people-watching theme, including tricky escalators and Jennifer Graham, the woman stationed outside Wellington City Council’s offices after they towed her housetruck. 

Shikasher is planning on sitting in random lectures to look at students’ behaviour.  Observing the road patrol outside of a school and looking at behaviour in video game arcades also promise to be interesting topics.

Wheatles continues our in-class discussion by highlighting the various approaches to making eye contact and public affection in NZ, Indonesia & Columbia.  And K.Ro gives us an outsider’s view of the powhiri.

I promised youtube videos of the sushi train to the second tutorial so here we go: