Here’s the roundup of the issues you raised in class.

Nixxta broaches the topic of de-baptism as status reversal and ties it into the question of what happens if a rite of passage isn’t completed successfully.

And two blogs picked up the comment about a third gender in India as a type of extended liminality.   Pearl12 explains the Hijars with a concise, to-the-point summary and Esther01 provides a link to a very informative article on the phenomenon.  Also, Moanagirl gives a reading recommendation for Among the Thugs as an example of an extended liminal period for one man trying to understand football hooliganism.

There is another link to an article on liminality here, while Edo12 suggests looking at this article on body rituals of the Nacirema.  Additionally, there’s an interesting discussion of ritual vs habit (no nuns involved) at Jess’ Ritual Blog.

Update: Ingie Hovland has a great post on trying to make sense of her experience studying the meetings of all-women groups in Norway – it resonated with much of what has emerged in class discussion:

I have been wondering, however, whether I can really describe their meetings as “rituals.” I guess the short answer is that it depends on what I mean by “ritual.” But I found a slightly longer and more useful answer recently…